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Max Martin
Max Martin

I'm from Rimouski, a small town in Quebec, Canada. I moved to Montreal in 2006 to take hotel management school and try to start a carreer as a concierge. After many years i also started coaching crossfit and developing a growing interest in photography. Being very often in public transports and the streets, I begun carrying a camera and taking pictures of things I liked. It started growing on me as I'm constantly thinking about photography, eating documentaries and books in the process. I take inspiration from great street photographers like Bruce Gilden, Thomas Leuthard, William Klein and others. I try to represent and paint Montreal, my home and a city I learned to love, while using black and white street photography. I like both the intense human emotion in a picture, strong stories, but also try to read lines and light to create aestethic images. https://ello.co/maximemartin
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