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Nick Stanley

I am a self-taught photographer from Ontario, Canada. I’ve had a lifelong love of photography, which began with point-and-shoot film cameras in the 1990’s. In the early oughts, I transitioned to primitive digital cameras, but never ventured outside of the ‘Auto’ mode. As a result, my photographs always looked like snap-shots. During my 35mm point-and-shoot days, my photos possessed decent composition; however, when I later combined digital photography with Adobe Lightroom (in 2011), my photography truly entered the ‘artistic’ realm. This software, combined with learning how to photograph in manual mode, was the genesis of how I shoot and edit today. By day, I work in an architectural firm, which I enjoy and find very rewarding. My photographic know- how has led me to be the principal photographer at the firm and as a result, I shoot all of our projects. I truly love architectural photography and intend on furthering my skillset in that field. The one area of photography where I feel apprehensive, is people and portraiture. I have experience with engagements and weddings, as well as volunteer journalism; even with that experience, I am nervous every time. I am confident that this will change as I gain more experience in this area of photography, as I have done so with my other work.
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